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“Through your funding, we were able to purchase 400 pairs of prescription eyeglasses through I-Tec USA, and to perform eye exams using their I-See program. This program was an amazing tool to bless the village people in the mountains of North Africa who do not have access to eye care. It also provided us with natural openings to share the gospel with them. We want to thank you again for your generosity in contributing funding to our outreach, and to the work the Lord is doing in North Africa. You should be encouraged with how the Lord is using your ministry to bless the nations all over the world.”


An important inner city ministry in a needy area of West Las Vegas ministers locally (addressing homeless, low-income community and social justice issues), and globally (placing teams among largely unreached communities in Asia). WCC was able to assist this ministry earlier this year to avert a crisis. The director just communicated the following in an email “In the three years that we have been open we have already served several thousand people. In the coming years through partnerships with businesses, volunteers, law enforcement and churches we hope to restore hope and opportunity to many more. Because of WCC's gift we are able to keep all of these programs open and running. Seriously, we are so blessed by your partnership with us… it helped us at a very tough time! Thank you so much!”


“We are grateful for the huge blessing that you have been to our ministry. Even the day when your money arrived seemed providential. While we were trusting God, we came very close to canceling our outreach plans to Kenya. The participants and staff were so amazed that the money arrived just in time.”


WorldChristian Concern assisted many other outreaches, including to Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, India, the Caucasus and South Africa.