Ministry Support to Impact Our World

What We Support


“This was a key leadership training event for our mission in South Asia. About 120 leaders came together who are involved in Church planting, with Children at Risk, and in Media and Training ministries (most of them Indians, Bangladeshis and Nepalis). The dance of faith and anxiety reached its peak about ten days before the event when I heard from a major donor that he was not able to help us after all (we were anticipating a deficit of over USD 8,000). On the one hand faith seemed to say God will show up, on the other, the burden was heavy on our shoulders. My wife and I were preparing to sell our car. Then we heard about your generosity. Your contribution came at just the right time. God in His faithfulness provided for the remaining needs and we ended our conference knowing that our lives were forever impacted. Thank you so much for being part of this release of a new mission force from South Asia into the nations! May God give you a rich harvest for your investment in these 120 leaders.”


Other training and networking events (that we cannot tell you about in detail) that we were glad to assist with involved

— a group of Central Asian Christian women from Muslim background,

— Central Asian workers preparing to address Human Trafficking in their country.