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WCC Board Members

Paul and Mary Filidis

AN INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK perhaps comes easier to a couple that shares four nationalities--German/Greek and U.S./Colombian, and who met in Afghanistan and married in the Netherlands....

Their paths crossed in 1972 in Kabul, Afghanistan, when they were both ministering to young Western travelers; he, a recently‐converted "hippie" from Berlin (Germany), she, a Colombian‐born "missionary kid" fresh from high school in Southern California on a short‐term mission trip.

Married in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) in 1975, they served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in various locations in Asia and Europe before moving to the United States to pursue further training.

After graduating with a Masters degree from Fuller Seminary's School of World Missions, Paul served for three years as vice‐President with Issachar, a frontier mission agency in Seattle, Washington, that focused on Central Asia and Mongolia.

Frontier missions (taking the gospel to the unreached) continued to be their motivation when they rejoined YWAM as volunteer staff in Amsterdam, in 1986. There they established the mission's Research functions that became instrumental in the growth of YWAM's work among the unreached.

In 1992, they moved a team of coworkers to Colorado Springs, pioneering and directing a number of communication and support services that continue to benefit the mission to this day.

Karl Mueller

Karl is the Justice Pastor at the Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona. Karl has been in ministry for more than 30 years. He has served in leadership with Youth With A Mission, the North American Baptist Conference and Visionledd. He was also president of a Bible College and has worked in local churches for 14 years. His ministry has taken him to more than 35 nations of the world.

Since 2001 he has been active in building partnerships between North American churches and churches and ministries in Meso-America, Turkey, Indonesia and Africa.

Karl is a graduate of the University of Alberta and Fuller Theological Seminary (Missiology). Karl and his wife Debbie live in Mesa, Arizona. They have one son and an Eclectus Parrot named Oscar.

Jon Matas

Jon has been involved with international missions for nearly 30 years. He has lived in Asia and Europe during the course of his career and has served aboard the Anastasis with Mercy Ships.

As a videographer he has travelled to nearly 60 countries and has worked with a number of mission agencies in creating communication tools to expand their impact. Jon is married to the daughter of a missionary and has two children.

Max Hatfield

Max and Karen married in 1977, and have been involved in missions together to restricted and unreached countries throughout their entire married life. They have worked in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Turkey since 1980.

They founded Friendship International (FI) in 1983 through which they work in the Caucasus and among Kurds in Eastern Turkey. Here they help young Kurdish women become literate and learn a skill enabling them to rise above their bleak circumstances, and resist the lure of being recruited into terrorist groups. Through FI they also provide aid and relief in areas impacted by war and natural disasters. 

Over the years they have also taken short-term ministry teams from local churches in the USA to engage in one-on-one evangelism and to conduct prayer walks within the borders of these restricted areas. These journeys also serve as exposure tours for Christians desiring to know more about the Muslim world, experience other cultures and learn about Early Church history.

Max and Karen have three grown children, have lived in Monument Colorado since 1994 and started an organic/home church in 2003 that continues to this day.