Ministry Support to Impact Our World

Who We Are

WorldChristian Concern is partnering with Great Commission-minded ministries and people around the world. We help to bring the irresistible hope of Christ to hurting people by supporting ministry endeavors that share the Gospel in word and deed. We believe that our proclamation has social consequences as we call people to love and repentance in all areas of life, and that our social involvement has evangelistic impact as we bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. Your prayer and financial support make this possible.

Our Vision

To increase understanding of the Great Commission within our contemporary and globalized world that will lead to more prayerful, informed and active engagement with it.

Touching Our World

WorldChristian is organized to assist in the advancement of Christ’s Great Commission by increasing awareness and understanding of the unfinished task through informed prayer and educational initiatives, and by supporting and engaging in opportunities for evangelistic and charitable outreach.

Our Method

To achieve our mission, we

  • Produce and/or identify and disseminate educational resources.
  • Launch concerted prayer mobilization projects.
  • Conduct Exposure Tours and Ministry Field trips.
  • Advocate on behalf of the worlds unreached and poor.
  • Promote outreach to unreached and poor urban and rural communities.
  • Partner with and financially support selected ministry opportunities.
  • Provide information—stories and news, in printed, online and video formats.

Our Distinctives

  • Decades of combined international and cross-cultural ministry experience.
  • Extensive global mission network connections.
  • An existing and extensive WorldChristian constituency.

Our Impact

The impact we aim to achieve among our constituency is

  • Increased understanding of our contemporary and globalized world.
  • Enhanced cross-cultural aptitude.
  • Greater willingness and readiness to pray for, go into, or actively support missions.
  • Changed attitudes: from fear, disinterest or hopelessness, to engagement.
  • Changed lives in communities around the world.

Our Funding

WorldChristian is financed through a combination of

  • Sales of published mission and prayer materials, and
  • Donations by Great Commission-minded Christians and churches.

WorldChristian Concern (a public charity, approved by the IRS to receive tax-deductible gifts, bequests, etc.) is the charitable outreach arm of the WorldChristian group of ministry activities. Nonprofits are created on dreams but run on money.